Elias Honey Ltd. has been working to bring western Canada the finest quality of premium honey since 1972.

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We have now expanded our Raw lineup to include a 1 kilogram jar! Check out our products page for a better look at the new size. This new container is already available in select stores in BC and Alberta. Don't worry, our 500 gram glass jar is still readily available across Canada. Spoiler Alert - keep an eye out for another new 1 kilogram size coming soon!

A Letter from the Elias family...

At Elias Honey we are eager to jump into 2017! This is our 45th year working hard to bring you the highest quality products. We are proud to still be wholeheartedly a family business, three generations strong. We have been very happy with the amount of honey that was cultivated last year and we hope to reflect that as best we can with more availability and continue our efforts in forwarding affordable pricing to our retailers and especially to our customers. Thank you for your continued loyalty and we look forward to the coming year!

Thank you!

Kevin Elias

Toll Free Phone: 1-888-88-ELIAS (1-888-883-5427) Canada Only