From our classic liquid and creamed honeys, to our six gourmet varieties, and cold pressed honeys, taste the exceptional nature of Elias Honey. Our products range in taste from refreshingly sweet to deliciously malty, and from light gold to dark amber in colour. Each product offers a variety of flavours to explore and enjoy.

Cold PRessed honeYs

Raw. Active. Live. Sourced from the top 1% of Canadian raw honey, our Cold Pressed Honey is raw, unpasteurized and packed with trace minerals and enzymes to help you power through the day. Available in 3 varietals.

Cold pRessed CloVeR Honey

Elias Cold Pressed Clover honey features a fresh, deep honey taste with a light, frosting-like texture.

Perfect as a topping on yogurt, toast or anything that could use a touch of sweet.

Cold PRessed BlUebeRRY Honey

Elias Cold Pressed Blueberry honey is light and creamy, golden in colour and perfect for dipping or as a spread, or let it melt down on a hot, oven-fresh pizza.

Cold PRessed BUckWHeAt Honey

Deep, malty and rich in flavour, Elias Cold Pressed Buckwheat honey is our most flavourful honey out there.

Like Manuka honey, Buckwheat honey is known to be packed with healing properties trace vitamins and minerals.

HOUSehOlD honeYs

Our household honeys are harvested from Western Canada’s unique, expansive fields of clover blossoms — one of the world’s best regions for producing honey. We work closely with our local partners to bring you a top-quality product you can trust. Our household honeys come in liquid, creamed, raw and certified organic options so you can enjoy a range of everyday honeys, any way you like it.

Elias Honey Product Line

elIAS liqUid Honey

Our classic honey – Elias liquid squeeze – is sweet, delicate, fresh, and flowery, like a burst of spring sunshine in a field of green grass and clover blossoms!

Mild and refreshingly versatile, it’s great for use in any baking recipe, on pancakes or French toast, in a cup of tea, or simply enjoyed on its own.

elIAS CReamed Honey

Elias Creamed is sweet and smooth, like a natural frosting that melts in your mouth.

Whipped to perfection and easy to spread, our creamed honey will not crystallize over time so you can easily enjoy it at the breakfast table, spread it on your favourite snack or use as part of any sweet recipe.

Raw Honey - Elias Honey

elIAS raW Honey

Elias Raw is the real deal! Unfiltered to retain all of its natural, subtle aromatics and health benefits, Elias Raw is thick, rich, sweet and buttery with hints of caramel and a pleasant beeswax aroma.

Our raw honey is creamed and won’t crystallize over time so you can easily enjoy its quality and unique flavour down to the last spoonful. This is our favourite snacking honey—perfect for dipping tart strawberries and apple slices, in homemade power gels or energy bars, or as an everyday indulgence all by itself.

Organic Honey - Elias Honey

eliAs oRgaNic Honey

Elias Organic is delicate, versatile and less sweet-tasting than some honeys, with a creamy, fluffy cool sensation that melts in your mouth. Raw and creamed to retain all of its subtle flavours, natural aromas, health benefits, and a delightful texture that won’t crystallize over time. You could use it in a recipe, but this one is so good, we love to eat it by the spoonful!

Best of all you can rest assured that our Pro-Cert Certified Elias Organic honey is as pure and perfect as possible—just the way nature intended.

GOURMet honeYs

Think all honey tastes alike? Think again!

Different blossoms produce wildly different tasting honeys in a range of colours from light gold to amber and dark brown.

At Elias, we offer a truly unique line of gourmet honeys produced from a variety of blossoms, all with their own distinct character and flavours.

These honeys may not necessarily taste the way you think—each jar will offer a surprising range of aromatics and flavours from fruity, floral and herbaceous, to woody and spicy.

Sample them all, then get creative with how you harness these different varieties!

alfalfa-cloveR blossoM

Elias Gourmet Alfalfa-Clover honey is sweet, fresh, herbaceous and light with a subtle citrus and fruit quality, reminiscent of pears and lemon zest!

Try it with cheeses such as chevre, feta or cream cheese, or add it to a nice cup of tea.

blacKberrY blossoM

Elias Gourmet Blackberry honey is mellow and rich with notes of vanilla, berries and a hint of beeswax.

One of our favourites, enjoy it as an everyday honey, or dissolve a spoonful in a bit of water and shake it up in your favourite cocktail.

blUebeRry blossoM

Elias Gourmet Blueberry honey is rich and bright with bursts of lemon and berries.

Reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry muffin with lemon zest, try it drizzled over cottage cheese or yogurt, or enjoy it all on its own.

bUckwheAt blossoM

Elias Gourmet Buckwheat honey is hearty and sweet with layers of toffee and molasses flavour, reminiscent of baked goods.

This a great honey for toast, in any baked goods recipe, or drizzled over fresh popcorn with flaked salt. It also boasts some added health benefits, so it’s as good for you as it tastes!

RasbeRry blossoM

Elias Gourmet Raspberry honey is a zesty bright citrusy honey with juicy berry notes and an aroma reminiscent of a faintly scented rose garden.

Another one of our favourites, pair it with a variety of rich creamy cheeses for a truly unique tasting platter.

WildfloweR blossoM

Elias Gourmet Wildflower honey is flowery, fresh and buttery smooth with hints of mellow oak, produced in Canada’s wild north.

Try it with baked or barbecued salmon, or use it as a base for in marinades and homemade barbecue sauce!