100% Canadian Premium, Natural and Raw Honeys

Honey is our passion. From blackberry blossoms to sweet clover fields, we bring you a variety of nature’s finest honeys one jar at a time. Taste the exceptional nature of Elias Honey!

Cold PRessed Honeys

Cold Pressed, unpasteurized and raw. Selected from the top 1% of premium, pure raw honey. Available in 3 varietals to satisfy every craving.

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Household Honeys

An established name you can trust, Elias has been bringing 100% pure Canadian honey to family households since 1972. No fillers, syrups, or offshore honey blends. Ever. Meet the full family of Elias household honeys and discover what makes us one of BC’s most recognized brands of honey!

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Gourmet Honeys

Because no two blossoms taste alike, we work diligently to bring you a selection of the best, premium honey varieties available, each with wildly different flavours and aromas. Explore our full range of honeys and transform your next charcuterie board, snack, recipe, cocktail or cup of tea with Elias Gourmet.

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Our Story

What started off as a passion project for the Elias Family, harvesting and selling 100% pure, high-quality honey made with local, naturally occurring blossoms, soon grew into the beloved household brand it is today – and it all began with a simple pot of creamed honey sent from Canada to Europe in an overseas care package

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Frequently Asked Questions

Honey Icons - Elias Honey
What is raw honey? Is it healthier for you?2019-10-23T15:00:12-07:00

Raw honey is honey as it exists in the beehive – unpasteurized and as unprocessed as possible. After being removed from the hive, the fresh honeycombs are pressed on a cloth filter to remove the beeswax and anything solid. The resulting honey goes straight into the bottle. This ensures all the subtle aromas, flavours and nutritional benefits of the honey are maintained.

Why does honey crystallize? Can I prevent honey from crystallizing?2019-09-11T17:14:31-07:00

Crystallization, or granulation, is a natural process. All liquid honeys will crystallize over time. 

Honey contains two types of sugars in a concentrated solution: glucose and fructose. Generally speaking, glucose is what your everyday granulated sugar is made of, and fructose is the naturally occurring sugar found in fruits. Depending on the season and blossom, the ratio of these two sugars in honey can differ. Fructose is more soluble in water, so if the honey has a high concentration of fructose, it will crystallize more slowly than a honey with a high concentration of glucose. 

If you find that your honey crystallizes, don’t throw it away! You can easily liquefy it again.  

Creamed honey, on the other hand, does not crystallize so you can enjoy it just the way it is from the first spoonful until it’s all gone!

Does your honey include any fillers or additives? / Do you add corn syrup to your honeys?2019-09-11T17:14:24-07:00

No! We never use any fillers, sugar, corn syrup or offshore honey blends in any of our products. 

We do make a cinnamon honey spread which contains 100% pure Canadian honey with a dash of pure cinnamon added in. It’s delicious to spread on toast, rice cakes or for any on-the-go snack!

Honey is a highly-prized natural product with lots of health benefits! It comes from a variety of blossoms with a wide range of colours and unique properties. Learn more about honey, how it is produced, how to use it, and some of the latest research on the health benefits of this sweet treat!

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