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Buy Local, Support Local! This beautiful collection of honeys is sourced right here in BC! Each has its own incredible honey taste and texture, and every jar sold supports our local farming community. Elias Honey Blueberry and Blackberry Blossom are part of Elias Honey Gourmet collection, they are sweet, fruity and have floral notes. Elias Honey Cold Pressed Blueberry is light and creamy, golden in colour and perfect for dipping or as a spread, or let it melt down on a hot, oven-fresh pizza.

Get 5 Elias Honey Sticks for Free with this bundle!

Honeys in this Bundle

  • Elias Cold Pressed Blueberry Honey it’s BuyBC certified local, has a light whipped frosting-like texture is amber in colour and incredibly delicious
  • Elias Wildflower Gourmet Honey captures the delicate flavours of Canada's pristine wildflowers. We love this drizzled over oatmeal, or adding a touch of sweetness to dessert.
  • Elias Blueberry Gourmet Honey has notes of lemon and berries, ideal for a truly gourmet experience.
  • 5 Elias Honey Sticks are the perfect snacks to bring on-the-go, single-serve honey size.
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