Honey: A Masterpiece of Nature and Environmental Sustainability

Honey: A Masterpiece of Nature and Environmental Sustainability

Want to live a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle? Then honey is a really sweet friend! At Elias Honey, we are glad to share what this sweet gift does to sustain life and natural ecosystems. Come discover the world of honey with us and find out about its role in creating sustainable ecosystems! 

Bees: The Original Eco-Warriors

Honey is special; it's not just a sweet treat but a masterpiece of nature. Made by hardworking bees, it weaves together agriculture, biodiversity and sustainability through one simple process: pollination. Choosing local raw honey like ours not only helps keep bee populations healthy, but also supports an essential, natural process to encourage sustainable ecosystems and biodiversity.

Sustainable Farming with a Sweet Twist

The honey we harvest embodies the principles we live by. We strive to set the bar in sustainable beekeeping, which leads to healthier bees and a healthier environment while providing better products. Sustainable beekeeping represents the balance of beekeeping with natural ecosystems, preventing the overexploitation of their resources and ensuring that the bees can continue with their required work of pollination. 

Sourcing with a Purpose

At Elias Honey, sustainability goes far beyond the jar. It means eco-friendly and sustainable sourcing. For example, our network of beekeepers work closely with farm owners to ensure that BC’s World Renowned berry industry continues to thrive! Our delicious BuyBC Honey Bundles not only taste incredible, but they do incredible things for the health of the ecosystems from where they are sourced. Without proper pollination by hardworking bees, Canada’s clover and canola crops wouldn’t be as productive or abundant as they are today! This is at the core of how we think about how and where we source.

Honey in Your Daily Sustainability  Routine

All of us have of honey as a natural sweetener - but have you tried it to boost your beauty routine? Or to soothe that sore throat, instead of reaching for that bitter commercial cough syrup? Honey is so versatile - as a food ingredient, health supplement, skincare product booster or even to create your very own hand soap!

And there are also numerous, incredible health benefits! Studies published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information in the USA demonstrate  some of its benefits include natural antioxidants, enzymes, and other antibacterial properties acting as a great immune booster, reducing any soreness of the throat, and keeping our digestive system well and good. Raw honey helps in its direct availability for all the natural nutritive and medicinal properties in it - although raw honey should never be given to children under the age of 1, since their digestive systems are still too underdeveloped at that age.

Sweet Statistic

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports that world honey production has been growing for over 20 years by more than 50%, meaning the importance of apiculture and honey production for sustainable agriculture and food security continues to rise. And this is great news! The more mouths there are to feed with a growing population, naturally we would expect the amount of honey production to grow alongside natural food products!

Elias Honey - Your Source for Natural, Raw and Organic Honeys 

At Elias Honey, our variety of pure honey products are sustainably harvested to meet your taste and eco-friendly and sustainable living values. Our range of products includes raw, cold-pressed, organic and creamed honey to offer you the desired flavor for however you use honey in your life! So, when you make a choice to have our honey, this is not just a delicious treat to yourself but also a contribution to the care of our planet through supporting our sustainable practice!

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