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The Premium Unpasteurized Honey Bundle

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Buy Our Premium Unpasteurized Honey Bundle and Save 10%

For the truly unpasturized honey lover, the premium unpausturized bundle will give you all the different Elias Honey unpausturized options so you are able to truly experience nature's diversity with Elias Honey.

Get 5 Elias Honey Sticks for Free with this bundle!

Honeys in this Bundle

  • Elias Cold Pressed Blueberry Honey it’s buybc certified local, has a light whipped frosting-like texture is amber incolour and incredibly delicious.
  • Elias Organic Honey is 100% Natural, Raw and Unpasteurized and Certified Organic. Unpasteurized and churned to perfection, Elias Organic has a a creamy, fluffy cool sensation that melts in your mouth while retaining all of its subtle flavours, natural aromas, health benefits.
  • Elias Raw Honey is thick, rich, sweet and buttery with hints of caramel and a pleasant beeswax aroma. Pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized, see why Elias Raw Honey is a household favourite!
  • Elias Cold Pressed Clover Honey features a fresh, deep honey taste with a light, frosting-like texture. Perfect as a topping on yogurt, toast or anything that could use a touch of sweet.
  • 5 Elias Honey Sticks are the perfect snacks to bring on-the-go, single-serve honey size.
Elias Honey