5 Personalities You Should Consider Gifting Honey To

5 Personalities You Should Consider Gifting Honey To

If you’re like us, you’re still trying to find the perfect gift for the people you love most. So, we thought we’d put together this list of 5 Types Of People to Gift Honey To, to simplify your shopping and sweeten things up… because who doesn’t love honey? 

Here are the 5 types of people that could definitely use some sweet honey this holiday season.

1. The Athlete

We all know The Athlete - a fitness enthusiast who makes every workout class rain or shine… sleep deprived or not, they’re going to get their reps in! 

Coming to the end of the year, we have to give this keen motivator something really special - something to help them get the most of every rep, and to keep their energy up pre, during and post-workout.

For this, we recommend our Cold Pressed Raw Honeys - full of dense, energy-rich calories, pre and probiotics and quick-releasing fuel. A teaspoon of honey before a hard workout will help to maintain energy and focus, while another after a workout will actually help with protein absorption. Fun fact - for years, bodybuilders and elite athletes used honey to achieve peak performance BEFORE sugar extracts like dextrose became the norm! 

So for that friend who’s The Athlete, a jar of our Cold Pressed Raw Blueberry, Clover or Buckwheat Honey is surely the way to go - best of all, because of its creamy texture, it won’t spill everywhere and can easily be dissolved in water, tea or a protein shake!

2. The Foodie

The Foodie - we all love them for their restaurant recommendations, kitchen tips and tricks, and of course, to catch us up on the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen! For the food blogger, home chef, cheese geek, or person that loves entertaining, we have the perfect Gourmet Honey to pair with their favourite foods! And, since we’re foodies ourselves, we hope this little table below will help you find the perfect gift:

Elias Honey Varietal
Tasting Notes
Pairs Perfectly With… 
Zesty bright citrusy honey with juicy berry notes and an aroma reminiscent of a faintly scented rose garden.
Pair it with a variety of rich creamy cheeses for a truly unique tasting platter.
Mellow and rich with notes of vanilla, berries and a hint of beeswax.
Enjoy it as an everyday honey, or dissolve a spoonful in a bit of water and shake it up in your favourite cocktail.
Rich and bright with bursts of lemon and berries. Reminiscent of a freshly baked blueberry muffin with lemon zest.
Try it drizzled over cottage cheese or yogurt, or enjoy it all on its own.
Hearty and sweet with layers of toffee and molasses flavour, reminiscent of baked goods. 
This a great honey for toast, in any baked goods recipe, or drizzled over fresh popcorn with flaked salt. It also boasts some added health benefits, so it’s as good for you as it tastes!
Flowery, fresh and buttery smooth with hints of mellow oak, produced in Canada’s wild north. 
Try it with baked or barbecued salmon, or use it as a base for in marinades and homemade barbecue sauce!
Sweet, fresh, herbaceous and light with subtle citrus and fruit quality, reminiscent of pears and lemon zest!
Try it with cheeses such as chevre, feta or cream cheese, or add it to a nice cup of tea.


People usually ask if we flavour our honeys… and the answer is a solid NO! The honeys are a product of unique nectars and pollens in each varietal where the blossoms grow in higher densities. For example, Elias Gourmet Blackberry Honey is BuyBC certified and sourced in the Fraser Valley where BC’s berry industry thrives. It’s also 100% Pure, without any jams or additives! This is what causes it to have a unique flavour, texture and colour!

3. The Stress Baker

The Stress Baker is the friend we love… the one who calmly, slowly, and methodically produces a loaf of bread or batch of cookies in the kitchen, while tuning out the outside world around them while they perfect their craft… and share the spoils! In our circle, the Stress Baker and the Athlete pay equally incredible roles to balance us out, so we think the Stress Baker deserves a really fine gift of honey! 

Since honey can be used as a direct substitute for sugar in many recipes, we recommend our 1kg or 500g liquid honey - it won’t break the bank, and adds a tremendous depth of flavour to baked goods. For icings, toppings or frostings, Elias Cold Pressed Raw Honey is surely the way to go because each varietal has a unique flavour that can be perfectly paired with the goods being baked. 

4. The Hot Drink Nut

It’s the middle of summer and while you order a refreshing afternoon cocktail, The Hot Drink Nut simply orders “hot water with a slice of lemon”. Yum.

The Hot Drink Nut loves their coffee - an extra hot latte or Americano in the morning or afternoon, and a nice warm cup of herbal or rooibos tea in the evening to wind down for the day. While thinking about buying the Hot Drink Nut your favourite, Artisanal Coffee or that wonderfully soothing tea, honey can be the perfect way to round out the gift! 

For this, we would recommend our classic liquid honey for an easy drizzle into the drink, or for something more exotic, a beautifully designed jar of Wildflower or Alf-Clover Gourmet Honey, which would look incredible with any tea set! 

5. The Organic Or Nothing Enthusiast 

We all have someone on our gift list who’s all organic, all the time - The Organic or Nothing Enthusiast values a clean label, proud to be supporting Organic farming and production practices. Of course, this makes it it harder to find a special surprise gift. 

Elias Organic Honey is 100% Natural, Raw and Unpasteurized and Certified Organic. Unpasteurized and churned to perfection, Elias Organic has a creamy, fluffy cool sensation that melts in your mouth while retaining all of its subtle flavours, natural aromas, and health benefits. You can rest assured that our Pro-Cert Certified Elias Organic honey is as pure and perfect as possible—just the way nature intended.

Whoever is in your list, we got you! 

You can find everything you need for this holidays gifts at, and we can ship it directly to that friend of yours throughout the Holiday Season and beyond! 

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