Liquid, Creamed, Raw, Flavoured Honey – What Gives?

Liquid, Creamed, Raw, Flavoured Honey – What Gives?

Yes, honey can be found in many different forms… so… what gives?

Liquid honey is the most common form of honey around the world – honeycombs are collected from the hives and pressed which releases the liquid honey in its most raw form. Since it will crystallize fairly quickly due to settling of the sugars, minerals, hive debris, and other natural elements, liquid honey is heated to help with filtration and to prevent it from crystallizing for a few months. 

Creamed honey… before we get into it, did you know that creamed honey is a uniquely Canadian innovation? That’s right, it was invented right here in Canada! As the honey from the spring and summer harvests started to crystallize when the weather got colder, our Canadian food pioneers churned the honey and controlled the crystallization process. The result? A smooth, creamy, sweet spread – made of 100% natural Canadian honey! This is exactly what our creamed honey is made of. 

Raw honey is honey in its most natural form – raw and unfiltered. So what makes our raw honey different? We select the top 5% of all white, freshly pressed liquid honey and store it in specialized equipment so the liquid honey settles out from any other hive debris. We then churn the liquid honey, so it takes on a smooth, fluffy, creamy texture. It’s kind of like creamed honey, only it will still contain some bits of pollen and honeycomb. And, of course, it is completely raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized!

Cold Pressed honey is also unfiltered, unpasteurized, and… shhh… actually we can’t talk much about it now, but stay tuned, because it’s coming to a store near you in the fall! Since you’re already thinking about what it is, think Raw, Active, and Live… updates to come!

Flavoured honey is usually creamed honey that has something added to it – like a spice (ginger, turmeric, cacao), syrup, or something else. Elias doesn’t sell flavoured honeys – we only sell varietal honeys – in other words, our berry honeys aren’t enhanced with berry jams or syrups, they are made from nectar and pollen from that particular berry blossom! And did you know, we even have one flavored honey, cinnamon. It’s delicious!

That’s the skinny on honey! Try all the different forms, and tell us which ones you love @eliashoney_ 

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