From Hive to Jar: The Cold Pressing Process Demystified

From Hive to Jar: The Cold Pressing Process Demystified

The Art of Cold Pressing Honey

The journey from hive to jar is fascinating when it comes to honey. Among the many methods used to conserve the natural enzymes and health properties of honey, Cold Pressing is by far the best. 

Here at Elias Honey, we’ve perfected this technique! By balancing the knowledge passed down through generations with innovative processes and the highest quality equipment from Europe, our Cold Pressed honey is simply in a class of its own!

’This article will dive into the cold pressing process, demystifying its artistry and explaining how it differs from traditional honey extraction methods.

The Journey Begins in the Hive

Bees, nature's tireless workers, collect nectar from flowers and deposit it into specialized structures in the hive. Those structures are called honeycomb cells and are made specifically for the nectar and pollen to age over time and turn into honey!

The Difference is Heat: Traditional Honey Processing vs. Cold Pressed

Once the honeycombs are filled with honey, it's time to extract this liquid gold. This usually happens towards the end of the Spring or Summer, depending on where the honey is collected.  One more thing - at Elias Honey, we don’t extract every drop – we make sure that our bees have enough honey to last them through the winter freeze!

Gentle honey extraction techniques are crucial to maintaining the quality of the honey.

How We Do It – The Cold-Pressed Miracle

We take out the honeycombs and use a proprietary process to crush, spin, and churn the honey, all under sub-zero temperatures. This method extracts honey and maintains all the natural sweetness, beneficial enzymes, and trace vitamins and minerals. In other words, Cold Pressed Honey is simply a higher quality, more innovative, 100% pure raw honey!

The churned texture (also known as “creamed”) ensures that the honey does not crystallize or become hard – in fact, our Cold Pressed Raw Honey stays smooth and creamy to the very last drop!

Benefits of Cold-Pressed Honey

The advantages of cold-pressed honey are numerous. Here are a few key points to consider:

  1. Preservation of Natural Flavors
  2. Retaining Nutritional Value
  3. Minimized Crystallization
  4. Pure and Naturally Raw

If you haven’t tried our Cold Pressed Raw Honey yet, what are you waiting for? With fall vibes and cold and flu season around the corner, our entire lineup of products has you covered:

  • Cold Pressed Clover: Add the perfect touch of sweetness to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate this fall with our delicately sweet Cold Pressed Clover Honey
  • Cold Pressed Blueberry: Perfect for adding natural sweetness to those baked goods in fall and winter! Check out our blog and Instagram (@eliashoney_) for some incredible recipes!
  • Cold Pressed Buckwheat: Our favourite for combating cold & flu! Studies have shown that Buckwheat honey is among the most bioactive and health-supporting kinds of honey on the market, right on par with Manuka Honey!

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