Everyone talks about wine and cheese pairing, but what about honey? Just a tiny drizzle of honey is enough to complement the salty richness (... and funkiness) of your favourite cheeses. . But with so many different types of honey available, it can be difficult to know which ones are a match made in heaven. The types of cheeses that truly shine next to honey include Brie, blue cheese, goat cheese, or any sharp, aged cheese. 

Honey dipper dipped into Raspberry Gourmet Honey Jar, Charcuterie board in the background


Elias Honey’s mission is to bring you awareness and an appreciation of nature’s diversity through honey! The nectar in each of our exclusive, gourmet varietal honeys is gathered from areas with one type of dominant blossom, making them as pure and single-sourced as possible, which gives them each a unique flavour, colour - and opportunity to be creative with pairings! In this guide we give you the keys to pair the different honeys with the perfect cheese. Elias Honey Buckwheat Blossom is hearty and sweet with layers of toffee and nutty flavours. This pairs wonderfully with aged cheeses, like Manchego, Emmental, or Parmesan. And with firmer cheese, the honey can be drizzled right on top – no cracker necessary. Honey dippers work well for drizzling, but feel free to get creative. For a spill free choice, try our [Elias BW Cold Pressed] varietal - which is also perfect for dipping. (Side note, if you don’t know about the incredible health benefits of buckwheat honey, and why it’s the sustainable alternative to Manuka, check out our blog).

Honey with citrus overtones, or herbaceous notes like Elias Honey Raspberry or Blackberry Blossom, is a well-suited match for cheese with a creamy texture. Brie, Triple Crème Brie, or pan-fried Halloumiwould pair well with one of these bright, floral honeys. If you find the honey flavour isn’t strong enough, try adding a dash of salt or smoked paprika to give it that extra depth of flavour.  

Honey dipper dipped into Raspberry Gourmet Honey Jar, Charcuterie board in the background

If you crave the funk but want some brightness, Elias Wildflower, Alfalfa-Clover or Cold Pressed Clover  provide the perfect level of sweetness to any blue cheese or heavily aged cheese. Adding some texture to this with some bee pollen or roasted nuts will surely turn this pairing into a delightful experience.

And what charcuterie board would be complete without honeycomb? Our honeycomb is cut fresh every season and will not only enhance the look of your charcuterie presentation, but will deliver a beautiful hit of sweetness to the entire assortment. 

Try one, try all, but most importantly have fun, be safe and treat yourself this coming holiday season - you deserve it! 

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