A Guide to The Perfect Snack Drawer In Your Office  The Office Snacking Revolution: Honey Sticks

A Guide to The Perfect Snack Drawer In Your Office The Office Snacking Revolution: Honey Sticks

It’s 2 pm. As the workday enters the 3rd Period, you’re getting hungry and cross-eyed.
Coffee? Not at this time, I won’t be able to sleep!
A cookie? Sure, delicious… but so much sugar! What should I do??
In the world of office snacking, a delicious and convenient trend has emerged – honey sticks!

These are NOT you’re used to seeing at the County Fair - Elias Honey Sticks these are made with real, 100% Canadian Raw, Cold Pressed Honey, lightly flavoured with naturally sourced, top-quality Italian syrups.
These slender, portable honey sticks are changing how we snack at work. With "healthy office snack ideas" and "convenient honey stick snacks" gaining popularity, it's time to explore this sweet revolution.

Desk Drawer Essentials: Keeping Honey Sticks Handy

Before diving into the wonderfulness of honey sticks, let’s talk about the most important drawer at your desk - the snack drawer!

Organizing your desk snacks is a crucial aspect of the office snacking experience. We recommend a small drawer with 4 quadrants:

  •         Savory Crunchy - rice crisps or chips are perfect
  •         Calorie Dense - perfect for nuts and seeds
  •         Protein - beef/turkey or vegan jerky and/or protein bars
  •         Sweet Treat - mini cookies and honey sticks

While enjoying snacks at work is perfectly acceptable, it's essential to strike a balance and be considerate of your colleagues. Enjoying snacks at work can help you navigate the fine line between satisfying your cravings and maintaining professionalism. 

The best part about having honey sticks? They pair with everything in the drawer! Add a dollop of beef jerky for a delicious sweet and savory pairing, or use it as an impromptu frosting on your favorite mini-cookie! You can also add some sweet and subtle flavor to your favorite hot beverage, or enjoy them all on their own!

For best results, we suggest having extras in your drawer to mitigate hangriness or jealousy!

A thoughtful and diverse selection ensures that everyone can find something they enjoy without disrupting the office ambiance. Moreover, it promotes a shared culture of mindful snacking, encouraging individuals to make healthier choices during work hours. So, as you indulge in your perfectly organized snack haven, remember that a considerate and inclusive approach to office snacking can contribute to a more positive and collaborative work environment.

The Perfect Office Companion: Elias Cold Pressed Honey Sticks 

Honey sticks also come in a wide variety of flavors - you can indulge your sweet tooth in a decadent Honey Chocolate Mint honey stick. Or, for a more savory experience, our Chai Honey stick is perfect on its own or added to a cup of black tea. Our fruit-infused sticks range from Blackberry to Tart Green Apple - they have already proven to be a hit with kids, and they are slowly creeping into office drawers from school lunch boxes - and it’s no surprise why!

Paired alongside a handful of nuts, it’s the perfect way to experience gourmet-level snacking throughout your workday.

Unwrapping the Benefits of Honey Sticks

Why should you consider keeping honey sticks in your office drawer?

Honey sticks are a delightful, delectable treat that many people have on hand for an afternoon snack, pre-workout nibble, in-school lunches and outdoor get-togethers. Many people, however, overlook the fact that these portable snack straws can do more than just provide a natural sugar boost in your everyday routine. 

The benefits are plenty! Not only are they a tasty treat, but they also offer a jitter-free, energy boost without the brain fog. Studies have also shown that consuming honey can increase your ability to learn, retain and recall new information!

Elevate Your Office Break with Honey Sticks

Your office break is a precious moment to recharge and boost productivity. Why not make the most of it by indulging in the delightful sweetness of honey sticks?

With their benefits, diverse flavors, and ease of storage, they're the perfect office companion for those seeking a nutritious and convenient treat. The simplicity of these portable delights adds a touch of luxury to your break, whether you're enjoying them on your own or stirring them into your afternoon tea or coffee.

So, why wait? Stock up on honey sticks and embark on a sweet journey of workplace-snacking satisfaction


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