100% Canadian, Trusted, and Local Honey

100% Canadian, Trusted, and Local Honey

Do you know where your honey comes from?

Did you know Canada is one of the world’s top honey producers? Not only that, Canadian honey is recognized worldwide for its exceptionally high quality! This shouldn’t come as a surprise though since The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, through the Honey Regulations of the Canada Agricultural Products Act, ensures that Canadian honey producers meet strict federal standards.

Honey production by provinces in Canada

The hot and dry summers in Western and Central Canada provide the perfect climate for beehives to thrive. Couple that with a favourable crop mix of goldenrod, alfalfa, canola and clover blossoms, and you’ve got a production powerhouse! In fact, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba account for just over 75% of Canada’s total honey production – with BC, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia topping up the rest.  

Honey production by provinces in Canada, 2019

So, where does Elias Honey come from?

Our goal is to bring you a taste of nature’s diversity through our incredible varieties of honey! 

We pride ourselves on our over 40 years of relationships with beekeepers all the way from BC’s Fraser Valley to the vast clover fields of central Manitoba. These long-standing relationships have allowed us to maintain consistent, high-quality standards as we expand our sales across Canada.

Since B.C. has one of the best berry-growing regions in the world, we mainly work with family-owned beekeepers to source our delicious Gourmet Blackberry, Blueberry and Raspberry Honeys – each one has a different flavour profile, and can be used to enhance both sweet and savoury flavours in your favourite food.

Our other Gourmet Honeys – Wildflower and Alfalfa-Clover – are collected from an area along the BC/Alberta border, bringing all the freshness and woody flavours from Canada’s Northern Wilderness straight to your kitchen table.

But, it doesn’t end there!

Our Household Honeys, which used to come from native wildflower blossoms in Prince George when Elias first started operations, are now sourced mainly from the prairies. We are so proud to support a uniquely Canadian network of small, independent apiaries and beekeepers.

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