5 DIY Cold Busting Recipes with Elias Honey

5 DIY Cold Busting Recipes with Elias Honey

It’s that time of year again - crisp, cool mornings, drizzly afternoons and cozy evenings by the fireplace! But then it hits you - the sniffles, the sneezes, coughs, colds and flus. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this awesome list of 6 Cold Busting remedies to get you back to enjoying the fall season in no time!

Honey has always been known for its immune boosting  properties, but it wasn’t until recently that some of those bioactive, immune boosting properties have been identified by researchers. Some of the studies even found that over-the-counter cough syrups and cold remedies literally had no effect at all - even worse, they were completely loaded with sugar! 

Honey is affordable, readily available, and has virtually no side effects. The reason why honey helps as a treatment for coughs is that it acts as a demulcent—a substance that coats the throat and soothes mucus membranes. It also contains antioxidants and antimicrobial properties that may have a role in promoting healing and modulating the body’s natural immune response.

We’ve scoured the internet and compiled some of our favourite recipes for surviving and thriving throughout this year’s cold and flu season: 

1. Golden Mylk 

Golden honey and tumeric latte with honey dipper in the background


Golden Mylk primary ingredient is turmeric, which derives its medicinal superpowers from the compound curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial for digestion, detoxification, and pain relief. Honey boosts the warm beverage with an extra of antioxidants and soothing sensation. 

2. Homemade honey lozenges

honey lozenges and Honey dipper


Wintercold? Sore throat? Cough that won’t go away? These Homemade Honey Lemon Ginger Throat Drops are incredibly soothing and taste deliciously wonderful. They combine that warming feeling of ginger with the sweetness and demulcent properties of honey into a seriously tasty and healthy alternative to “normal” cough drops. 

Another Key Benefit: When you’re feeling all better, you can use the leftover cough drops (if there are any) in your hot tea to sweeten it. Delicious to the last drop!

3. Ginger Lemon Honey Tea

Honey dipper dripping Elias Honey over ginger tea


The classic, most well known natural cough remedy: Ginger Lemon Honey Tea. Ginger has long been used in traditional medicine, warms the throat, and may potentially aid digestion and reduce nausea. It’s main active compound is called gingerol, which has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. 

4. Buckwheat Honey Cough Syrup 

Honey dipper dipping into Elias Honey buckwheat honey

As simple as it sounds, replacing 1 tbsp of cough syrup with 1 tbsp of Buckwheat honey has been proven to be more effective in treating coughs! Buckwheat honey has long been underappreciated for its medical properties - check out our blog (link) and see why Elias Buckwheat Honey is a more sustainable alternative to overseas Manuka Honey.

You can try Elias Buckwheat Honey in it’s liquid variety or the new Cold Pressed Buckwheat honey!

5. Cold busting gummies

We love these. 

These super easy turmeric gummies, crammed with ginger, honey and coconut milk, are a great way to help ward off the common cold or the dreaded flu.  A great healthy snack for the winter months, and best of all kids love them.

We hope that you’ve found these cold busting recipes helpful! Check out our online store for our full selection of honey and honey products (link).

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